Portraits | People of Jazz

– 05.21.2017 Torino | A very personal photographic project about people in the music business.

Almost impossible to develop with the most part of pop/rock musicians, amazing and challenging with such forthcoming people as jazz musicians.

Gear used: 1 60x60cm soft box , 1 external flash (manual mode), 1 trigger, 1 receiver, dark background, an ND filter ( just a few times ), 1 chair/stool.

The idea: A simple portrait in a Rembrandt light scheme, with a dark use of the color black.

– more portraits coming soon –

From left to right: Paolo Fresu and Enrico Rava
From left to right: Napoleon Maddox and Antonio Faraò
From left to right: Hamid Drake and William Parker
From left to right: Arthur Edmaiston and Mark Franklin ( from the Dee Dee Bridgewater band )
From left to right: Barry Campbell and Charlton Johnson ( from the Dee Dee Bridgewater band )
From left to right: Cristina Zavalloni and Paulina Gomis
From left to right: Fabrizio Puglisi and Furio Di Castri
From left to right: Venus Rodriguez and Danilo Mineo
From left to right: Jean Mark Blanc and Sorg